Finding Puneet in the Mirror

In the midst of Nice attacks and shooting in the states,I am finding myself to be killed.

I am becoming the person that everyone hates.

Yes, I’m changing and there’s no cure now.

My body has weakened even more now.

Eyes have gone deep, veins are more visible now,

Skin has lost it all, color of the bones is skin now,

The meaning of Puneet is no more pure now.

Everything is changed and what I wanna be is not sure now.

I am living my life in fear and has always been,

Fights while lullaby is something I’ve seen.

Seems like I’ve grown up now, or maybe I just act to be.

At heart I’m still a kid and cry in the skytrain looking out my window when it’s just me.

My mind is twisted in the things it shouldn’t be.

Love is something I went with but it couldn’t cuddle me.

God shall forgive me, forgive me all

For doing whatever I did, sorry It wasn’t my call,

Or maybe it was just me who couldn’t stand tall.

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