Angel in the Womb

​My mother had a son.

The son was happy when she was born.

Do you love me a lot?

I love you from the top of my heart.

My mother started crying.

I don’t believe you. 

The baby said, I will take care of you.

Why do you cry? 

My mother started crying again.

I don’t believe you. 

The baby said he’ll always be there for her. 

My mother started crying again, this time in pain.

I don’t believe you.

Why do you cry, my everything? Please don’t cry. 

What did you learn by living this life? 

I never lived it, she said.

The baby gently laid his head

And touches the scars on her breast and hold his breath.

I am your son, I am here for a reason.

I want to escape with you.

You are my reason to live.

I pray to you everyday.

I can’t leave, she said

I’m in love with the dead.

Every morning he wakes up in my bed.

Every night he screams at me so I remove him from my head.

The baby with his small hands holds mother’s fingers.

I wanna save you from your sorrow. 

It’s time for both of us.

We both need to take our last breath.

No one will know.

This is not your home so let go.

Such a waste, your beautiful face in despair. 

Let’s leave our shadow for the devil to scare. 

I’m holding my breath dear mother.

My mother kisses the baby on his cheek.

She prays to someone we can not see.

It’s time for both of them to close their eyes.

Nothing could be changed now. 

The bed fills with the tears colored in red.

Whose tears are these ? 

Why are they colored in red ? 

Why isn’t this a peaceful escape ?

Shall we beat this or celebrate it ?

Was that an angel in the womb ?

Or was it the weight of the death ?

What’s the point of writing if no one will even read it ?

So maybe you’re not the one to talk things through.

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