When I Look In The Sky

Can you see the wind so beautiful?

No one can but I can do when it falls on you.

What do I do if I have this boat on the mountain?

Sea is full of rocks I can’t stay.

There is no sea, just water that touches the land.

No one wins when you eat your food alone.

No one is happy when faces can’t face each other.

Millions of people around except three.

Heart was happy, mind was not.

Now both grieve each other and spend days in silence.

Beauty is everywhere with hearts all black and hollow.

Mine was red before blue and then it was painted black.

Concrete so tall, I still breathe in the basement.

Skin so powerful or is it the fabric?

Sometimes the words get hidden inside.

Everyone has a say, but a baby’s cry is the purest.

No I didn’t jump, I was just standing still.

No I didn’t push, didn’t save anyone either

Why is the black cloud just on me?

Red dress and red eyes

As the hands comes to six.

Everyone wants wooden houses, not the bricks.

A place where you can’t see the sky

Bright as stars but not stars.

This silence is a bad silence

A small sound can put scars.

The only thing I remember from the trip is the bridge and water.

Window glass is my only mirror.

Waiting for the darkness, missed the sunlight.

Chest so heavy or is it the heart?

Can’t talk to myself, there’s no me

I see my shoes when I walk.

It’s raining and I’m okay, it’s dry rain.

Veins are always red just patterns.

We all in the same race, but different race

Face its grace and embrace.

Birds don’t wanna touch the ground

It’s too cold here, they won’t fly, they won’t chirp.

No sweet song will be heard.

Everything is gold and with the essence of rose

Gold and rose gold sold together with no essence.

Hot at the core but the land has froze.

Flags are all white and waiving in the wind

No rainbow to give them color this spring.

Legs all black with little skin and threads.

Doors are the enemies, planes are the friend,

We meet in the air and on the ground it ends.

A tree is a tree not a forest,

Won’t survive and be put for rest.

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